John Atkins is a photographer, digital artist, and poet. His intuitive ability to bare the subject’s ‘soul,’ to explore and expound its ‘spirit,’ makes his approach both unique and original.  John ‘sees’ the subject differently from others. 

“I envisage the internal rhythms and rhymes of light radiating from the subject’s soul” says John, “and then, at the precise moment I detect there is harmony, I capture the image with my camera or pen.  This moment I define as the Poetry of Light.”

John’s creative talents, which span a spectrum of silver-halide and digital imaging, enable him to process the Poetry of Light digital art images using a synthesis of ‘wet’ darkroom skills and his own © Digosmosis (digital post-production process). The final output is either a digital file or a Giclée print of gallery quality on either paper or canvas.

John uses his gifted insight into the Poetry of Light to produce images and poetry that give an intimate, ethereal, and spiritual quality, which haunt the imagination.